Friday, December 1, 2006

Rocking, or not rocking

Apparantly the kids like the garage rock down here. John and I went to a show a few nights back and saw what ended up being totally competent, fun rock - and even better, the second band had go-go dancers. There's a picture of this (and the tiny eggs and some other shit) here:

The club was full of the young, the attractive, and the impeccably styled (plus go-go dancers). I went to the can and heaved a sigh at my big old potato head. In other words, just like New York.

Also, we went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, 'cause what the hell - I don't think anyone ever told these kids what you're sposta do at the RHPS, they all sat silent as the grave and watched politely. No shoutbacks, no toast, no waterguns. Lucky for me, I had left my Columbia outfit at home. But if you think watching the subtitles to the opening theme song didn't make me giggle, you are wrong. "Ciencia ficcion doble feature de madrugadas" or something like that. Let's do the Disturbance of Time again!

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