Friday, December 1, 2006

Now I'm that asshole

It was suggested to me by some folks that rather than send out random emails detailing my time down here, that I should start a blog. As it happens, I had to create a blogger account to get into some other blog and so, I figure, what the hell. Woohoo technology. At any rate, until I figure out how to post pictures I'm just going to link to my Flickr page, and you can all laugh, laugh, laugh at my technical ineptitude. Won't that be fun?

So, to recap: The first week or so here brought us adventures like chewing coca leaves with old men, learning the difference between a frutilla and a fresa, exploring the inadequacies of Argentinean napkins, and noting that sometimes, they sell televisions in the grocery stores (and blue jeans! and lots and lots of booze! But not sewing kits.). We also learned that my Spanish is useful mainly for confusing and angering people. What new things do I have to share with you? Stay, erm, tuned.

Also, seriously, fuck the Bush twins.

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Lane said...

Those tiny-ass, waxy napkins! I'm with you.