Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nog! Nog! Nog! and other stuff.

Observe the gloopy wonder that is Argentinean heavy cream. Makes American whipping cream look like skim milk. And no, this isn't sour cream, or any kind of condiment - it's just thick, rich, nearly unpourable goodness. And with it, I made thick, rich, and eminently pourable eggnog, which we served to our lovely guests on Christmas. I like to think a good time was had by all, though at some point my brain shut off but like always, my mouth just kept going, so I'm certain I talked a ridiculous amount of shit and came up with ideas like "Hey! Let's go see if that nice waiter from downstairs wants to come up to our party!" The truth that things that seem like madcap and zany fun when drunk are actually obnoxious drunkard activities is one I should have absorbed long ago, but no. From now on, I'm going to write "IT WON'T BE FUNNY LATER" on my palms whenever I take to drinking. Perhaps a tattoo is in order.

Today, I met with an incredibly nice girl who writes a knitting blog here, and serves as an unofficial sherpa to people visiting the yarn district - her blog has attracted lots of travelers with yarn problems, like myself, and like the nice lady who took coffee with us today. I forgot my camera, naturally, but I will put up some photos of some yarn I bought recently, because I know how to bore and alienate my friends. Whatever, dudes, this is like 40 bucks worth of yarn. Scarves for everybody! Anyway, a total sweetie, and we were joined by a very nice lady celled Marcela, an Argentinean living in LA - very good times, and good for my knit-geek tendencies.

And in dog news, I made as if to pet a little sweet looking fellow who looked lost and sad, sitting in the doorway of a house - and leapt back in horror as he turned into a whirling, snapping flash of teeth and snarls. As it turns out, not every dog wants to be my friend. Sr. Opposite of Waffles, I am sorry that life has ruined petting for you. I am glad you did not bite me.

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