Tuesday, January 2, 2007


If what you were really hoping for, in your heart of hearts, was 23 seconds of John shooting a firecracker off Megan and Adam's balcony on New Year's, I have just the thing:

Earlier in the evening John sort of hilariously set off a firecracker shitstorm by lighting a little one and tossing it by mistake into the small pile of other firecrackers we had set set out on the terrace. It lit the fuse on the giant kaboom-style one we had and yeah, it went kaboom all right. Lucky for us, our entire stock of ordnance did not go off at once, which would have been deafening and I guess, you know, dangerous, and probably would have left a big burn mark on the terrace.

All in all an extremely pleasant New Year's. I hope y'all had a pleasant one as well, despite living in fire-cracker free cities.

Hoo man, know what my computer hates? Running PhotoShop in hot weather. I hear you buddy, but we've got to eat. Stop burning my wrist.

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Lonnie Bruner said...

John has the BEST laugh. Miss you guys.